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When I discovered this object – let’s call it that - I could not stop myself from thinking about the journey I had just taken to the land of the Maori, all the way down there, on a long white cloud island.
The Maori palette is comprised of only three colours. Like Marie’s. Art and life sculpt each other in an irrational coming and going, and Marie is one of the messengers of this renewed era. Here, it is a playing area, drawn to scale, goalposts and mixed fields; where the drama, which is taking shape and in which the being is completely immersed, mixes light and chaos. Rugby people call this a game, and it is a really nice word.
That is how the three tonalities live within the New Zealanders, how they vibrate before us, resin at the touch of leather and skin. The Earth is perhaps oval, nothing is less certain, but if this proves to be the case, here we are at the edge of both confusing and exhilarating perspectives. It is distorted, oblong, and will bounce to a place where nobody is expecting it to. In this new red, white and black territory our emotions exert themselves.”

Richard Escot, Journalist to Équipe-magazine, writer.