Marie Piselli lives and works in Paris. Her work is in line with contemporaneity.
With her painting, stencils, felt tip pen drawings, sculptures, furniture, books or installations she captures the emotion and intensity of our feelings. Her felt tip drawings; which are done on paper, or by using large black acrylic flat tints on big frames with white backgrounds; describe moments in life - a reflection of life. They present a Socratic questioning, a real artistic exchange “without concession”.

She speaks of her creation: “Creating allows me to give answers to this fertile imagination which fills me, to my bristling mental.” “I would like to be able to align my creations with the celerity, the flashiness and violence of our society, in order to show its idiosyncrasies and its limits. I hope to put my universe at the beholder’s disposition.
Her language creates emotion, her sincerity imposes reflection.
Marie Piselli’s universe induces questions when she tells us: “I am a woman, my feet set in the 21st century… My mind elsewhere... Where?...

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