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"The more determined i am, the freer i am * "

There is no point in crossing oceans, continents; simplicity is the next-door neighbor on our landing. The landing we left in order to find a haven of temporary peace and tranquility at the end of the path: a sea of trees called a forest, a small secret fenced garden, a courtyard with water and some flowers. Happy, luckily, we return to our landing full of inverted tracks which we believed useless and trivial.
Here, the mattress does not hurt our back, the courtyard is sometimes quiet, the noisy smelly corner of the street reassures me… I know that I will leave again in order to return happier. I did not expect to find “this”.
Inverted ideas and behavior give meaning to life which is worth living, where step by step, stone after stone, laid or lost, the pathway, a sinuous twist, narrows. The light in the SHADOW of our doubts does not switch off, it flickers and glimmers: Red Black White.
Eventually it intoxicates us by its divine complexity.

Nothing is simple or easy, but everything is free like painless Utopias.

In the shadow of my X-ray work I hope to open the most impenetrable and polluted thoughts in order to free them from the insanity of our time which is twisted by progress that will only stop in the chaos created by arrogant and cowardly men.

Happiness does not exist.


Marie Piselli.