New series : Les Ombres

In order to describe her fear of time, repetition, the passing of seasons which show the evidence of this, she chooses to do so by using the most simple way, before our eyes and yet now invisible: flowers, plants. Similar to a digital depiction, X-ray, she casts her vision of the element onto the canvas, figurative or abstract.

A perfect illusion: digital art, polagraph, X-ray plate: emotion follows accommodation.

No matter the procedure: like in suspension, this Artist created questioning in the reader, as well as visual disturbance.
Bay tree, olive tree, cypress, bark… She offers paintings in square format and parallel-plane, and Limited Edition on Aluminium for the bigger sizes. The canvas becomes an engraving. She offers personalized installations recreating a vegetal, aliminium wall ‘living’ in your space with the rhythm of the different lights, offering a vast range of chromatic as well.

Very poetic and already digital…. One must understand her work as poetry of the future….
Stéphanie DENDURA

L’exposition heartgalerie se prolonge jusqu’au 30 novembre 2011.